Here I go again blogworld

After a VERRRYY long hiatus, I am motivated to get back to blogging, sharing, and mostly, creating a collection of my work.  It often seems like I have not created much, but I am always amazed how it accumulates if I just keep chipping away at it.  Just like improving at anything, you have to do it a lot (10000 hours) before you achieve a level of expertise.  Research suggests success is more likely if you just keep getting up, try more than you fall down, reset your sails, and of course breathe!! So I am back, and excited to be taking the ART and BUSINESS of SURFACE  DESIGN by Rachel Taylor, module 1 completed.  GREAT course.

Also enrolled in Flora Bowleys BRAVE INTUITIVE PAINTING, which I am really excited for and Sarah Ahearn Bellemares Painted Pages.  I am immersing myself, working at it almost daily, and ready to go to the next level.  It is time and nothing will stop me now.  I am present and this is what I want to do with my life.


spring mood board 2


Author: cindyscribner

I Love coffee, chocolate and life. Solitude, loyalty, honesty, exploration and connection. I am learning to be present in my life and just live.

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