Life is an abstract art


keep looking and seeing the relationships, the positive and negative space, areas to rest and active areas.  Every day  a new layer.  to Be open to Let surprises in, is to be forever changed.

Life as stitches, paint, marks over time —  a wabi-sabi adventure, 1 in a series of 1.  each day my unique addition. The work of any one day not always evident, the way I age.  Its easier this way, not being jarred by evidence of change — until I am.

Life is beauty and magnificence and finally finding my way to this moment.

being here in as many moments as I can string together.  This is not work.  This is my life – I won the  1 in 400 trillion lottery, as did every person on earth. This is what I have been waiting for.  right here. now.

Make room  for shadow and all of me without judgement.Dribble on some texture.  Sand. remove. glaze. listen. respond. The stuff of art and the stuff of life,  neither good nor bad, it is, time moves on.  I should too.  Change is happening.  Art is recording.  Scribe. me.


Author: cindyscribner

I Love coffee, chocolate and life. Solitude, loyalty, honesty, exploration and connection. I am learning to be present in my life and just live.

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