Last Saturday in April

where  feet and mind dance.
safe. soft. boundaries.  coffee cup.
full on love, compassion.

It is morning again. and i am here.  the same and different.

thinking about how my mind plays with my life like a slide rule sometimes.  wandering wildly. less now.
The dogs and I were out before anyone else — it is a magical time of day.  quiet comfort. and full up with bird calls and mist and the smell of earth .  Tips of Trees showing their green and red.   the daffodils so promising.  I receive it all.  The dogs, they receive even more.)))

thinking about life, lives and living.  choices. consequences. choices.   moment, moment, and now another.  new friends.  old friends.  family. mindfulness intensive completed.
I relish the notion of a life as seasons, chapters, novellas)).

Imagine a moment of no hate, no fear.  the collective effect.


Moving into the day now.

My intention is to stay centered, be with what is unfolding, accept what is unfolding, make wise choices and use wise speech.  That is my purpose – to navigate life in full mindfulness as a                  giraffe{ expansive perspective, wise speech}.


Listen to a sonata………………………………………………………….Moonlight, Beethovens sonata #14



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